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Attorneys, when advocating for clients who have suffered concussions through no fault of their own, trust is paramount. First Care Concussion Clinics not only offers evidence-based concussion treatment, ensuring your clients receive the highest standard of care, but we also understand the challenges of managing medical expenses for lien patients. Our knowledgeable approach to working with such cases includes accepting lien arrangements, enabling you to focus on achieving the best outcomes for your clients while ensuring they receive the specialized care they deserve. When you refer clients to us, you can be confident that they will receive expert concussion care and compassionate support during their recovery journey.

We Provide Solutions

First Care Concussion Diagnostic Process

First Care Concussion Diagnostic Technology

Concussion Evaluation

Our providers know brain injuries are often misdiagnosed, or the diagnosis is missed, in many cases. Our concussion-trained HCPs understands the fact that concussions are quite common from motor vehicle collisions, falls, and other traumatic events. At First Care Concussion Diagnostic Clinic, our elite team can get your clients the help they need.

We provide the following services:


Cognitive Assessment


VNG Assessment


Neurologist Review / Report


Treatment Plan


Physical Medicine Concussion Treatment

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