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First Care Concussion Diagnostic Clinic

At First Care Concussion Diagnostic Clinic, we use state of the art technology to assess patients for their concussions. 



NeuroSync is a device that captures eye movements in order to assess ocular-motor synchronization deficits, which can be associated with various neurological conditions, including concussion. This test is quick and is entirely non-invasive.

EyeSync technology is a FDA-cleared newer technology that combines proprietary software and data analytics with high-performance sensors in a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. EyeSync is able to measure and quantify eye movement abnormalities that often occur after a concussion. 



Cognivue is an FDA-approved computerized neurocognitive test designed to assess cognitive function across various domains, including memory, visuospatial ability, executive function, and reaction time. This test is unique because it uses a self-contained testing device with an integrated display, eliminating the variability introduced by different computer systems. Cognivue has been used in a variety of clinical settings, including primary care, neurology, and geriatrics. The Cognivue test offers several advantages over other neurocognitive tests:

  • Adaptivity: The test automatically adjusts its difficulty level based on the user's performance, providing a tailored assessment for each patient.


  • Standardization: The self-contained testing device ensures a consistent testing environment, reducing the variability that can be introduced by different computer systems or test administrators.


  • Brief Administration: The test takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, making it time-efficient and suitable for use in busy clinical settings. 

  • Objective Scoring: The test generates an objective score for each cognitive domain, reducing the potential for human error or bias in scoring.

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